Saturday, August 19, 2017

A Look Inside One of the World's Biggest Bitcoin Mines.

Bitcoin's record rally is proving a boon for China, a country that is at the heart of the crypto-currency economy. It hosts some of the biggest exchanges and dominates the mining of new bitcoins. Bloomberg's Tom Mackenzie was granted rare access to one of the largest digital currency mines in the world. (Headline changed to better reflect reporter story.) (Source: Bloomberg)

Monday, August 7, 2017

Cryptocurrency Market Tops $116 Billion to Set New All-Time High.

The total value of all publicly traded cryptocurrencies set a new all-time high today. At press time, data from CoinMarketCap indicates the crypto asset class is now worth just over $116.9 billion, just above of its previous all-time high of $116.2 billion set on June 12. Overall, the value of the asset class is up nearly 30% over the last week, rising from just under $90 billion on July 31, and up nearly 80% since its recent $60 billion low on July 16. The price increases come at a time when optimism is beginning to return to markets following a bitcoin hard fork in which a new cryptocurrency was created without disrupting the larger bitcoin network. Over this time, bitcoin has enjoyed broad media coverage, though it remains difficult to determine if new buyers are being attracted to the space. Data from Google Trends suggests searches for "bitcoin price" and "BTCUSD" remain down from highs observed in May. Still, much of the day's gains seem consolidated outside of bitcoin's two largest markets, bitcoin and ether. Of the top 10 cryptocurrencies, just four were posting double-digit gains, including Bitcoin Cash, NEM, IOTA and NEO (formerly Antshares).
By Coindesk

Saturday, August 5, 2017

$263M Neymar Soccer Transfer Smashes World Record.

Paris Saint-Germain Football Club have signed Brazil soccer star Neymar in a record deal that has shocked the world in terms of its size and scope. The Qatari owners of the French club will spend hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of the deal, which might not be solely focused on soccer. (Source: Bloomberg)

Friday, August 4, 2017

It's All History Now!

The Historic Riviera Cafe & Sports Bar is closing on aug 31st after 48yrs in the business since 1969, such a honor to be part of the History of the iconic place in West Village...

Friday, June 30, 2017

Norman Buchbinder Way NYC

Im was on the dedication of the corner of 8th and MacDougal streets as Norman Buchbinder Way, Mr Norman Family own The Riviera Cafe & Sports Bar NYC.