Friday, June 6, 2008

Sandy Beach - Jun. 5th

Sandy Beach was my choice yesterday after stop by the HASA contest at Bowls, Half Point was prety fun with 2-3' set waves, Gas Chambers and Sandy Beach had some good waves too in the sets, it's always good to be in Sandys, its the kind of place which make me feel great...Aloha...

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Veronica said...

flippin' sweet.
i met jay adams on a beach while out on a mission trip in mexico. when i came home, my brother almost killed me for not knowing who he was at first. i spent fve days on the beach with him and his young wife as well as with some guy named cain... a pro surfer from austraila. they were the best kind of people.
anyway. thanks for the pictures. i have a pic of jay catching a wave in my files. i'll post it soon.