Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sandy Beach july 5th

Good start for the 3rd contest of USBA Tour in Half Point, Sandy Beach/HI, the waves was pretty fun between 2-3', Me and Top Riders Spencer Skipper, Hubbard Brothers, Romero Brothers, Happy Z., Rex Moribe, Bud Myamoto, Kona Kuailani, Colin Black, Abraham Concepsion, Jason and Roberta Bitzer, Leila Alli, Claudia Ferrari, Carol Casemiro, Juliana Freitas and much more competed, Ben Severson, Keith Sazaki and Duda got the responsability to judge the contest, Senor Frog's, National Guard, Scion, Body Glove, Vitamin Water and others help to realize the contest which is celebrating 20th aniversary, much respect for all generations who have been competing, organizing or simply watched the Bodyboarding Show in Sandys...keep posted with the news in Oahu here...Aloha...

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Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures! I just recently took up bodyboarding and I love it. My Bodyboard has become my best friend. When I get tired I can rely on it to keep my above the waters and just enjoy the weather, water and scenery.