Wednesday, September 17, 2008

North Shore Today

Gas Chambers still the place to go:
Gas Chambers:
Rocky's View:
Plantation Village:
Plantation Village Ocean View:
Nothing much is going on here in the North Shore, the swell droped and Gas Chambers and Rocky Point are the only places with some rideable waves today, good to see guys like Dino Miranda and Rochelle Ballard sharing the line up of Gas Chambers this morning, the waves forecasts around the internet are showing some good bump for tomorrow and I'll keep u guys updated about all, also if u need a place to stay here in the Oahu's North Shore definetly this place gonna be Backpackers, Vacation Inn and Plantation Village, very well located on Kam Hwy just 5 min. walk to Waymea Bay and few minutes walk to Pipeline, Off The Wall, Sunset Beach and others famous waves spots u can find private studios, rooms and dorms for affordable prices, just go to: and make ur reservation now for this winter, Aloha.

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