Sunday, October 19, 2008

Huntington Beach & Oceanside/CA

Huntington Beach/CA:
Duke Kahanamoku Surfing Walk of Fame, Huntington Beach/CA:
Shark at Huntington Beach Pier/CA:
Me and a Bird at Huntington Beach Pier/CA:
Yehhh guys I still out of Hawaii cruising around California, yesterday me and my crew of Genesis Bodyboards stop by Oceanside for meetings with some of the best people I had meet in United States, the waves in Oceanside actually was pretty fun, it was the best waves I saw in this trip between South and Central Cali, also they was runing a surf contest there, then we drove all the way to Huntington Beach but the waves was pretty small but lots of beautifull people as usual and lots of good stores and places to get good times in a saturday evening, we drove and sleept in Los Angeles and we checked Beverly Hills last night, today we gonna be cruising in LA, sleep here and get the flight on monday to New York City, I'm really enjoying this trip around the west and east coasts and I'll be sharing with all u guys, Big Aloha and see u soon in the Islands...