Monday, October 13, 2008

North Shore 1st Swell of the Season

Jamie O. in a close out at Pipe and...
Broke the board and back home:
Insanities with Rockypiles behind:
Gas Chambers:
Nice day in the North Shore, the waves start to risen after 12:00 noon and I took this pics in the aftenoon after my session at Pipeline, good to see Jeff Hubbard, Roberta Bitzer, Jacob Vandervelde and Jamie O. again, started over baby, same crew everyday at Pipe now until the crowd come from all over the world for the season, the forecasts are saying tomorrow will be a epic 6-8' swell and I be there riding and shoot for all my people who comes to my blog everyday to check whats going on in Hawaii, soo Big Aloha everyone...

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