Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween and Shark Sight in Waymea

Waimea Bay:
North Shore's Halloween:
Me, Kala and two friends:
This past few days have been crazy in the NS, we had a great Halloween party at V-Land farm with 3 bands and the best NS surfers and Bodyboarders around but something diferent happen 3 days ago, Sharks in Waimea, yehhh, the life guards freaking out and not allowed people to get in the water, I come to NS since 2001 and I never saw nothing like that, I have noticied sharks in Chuns, Lanys but never in Waimea next to the beach, well they left and now everybody is thinking about the next few days with the NW swell coming and waking up Pipeline and some others greatests waves in the NS, Aloha...

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