Monday, October 4, 2010

47 RONIN Feature Film Universal Studios

Feature Film
Universal Studios
Draft: 7/23/10

Producers: Scott Stuber, Pam Abdy, Eric McLeod
Director: Carl Rinsch
Writer: Chris Morgan
Current Revisions by: Hossein Amini
Casting Directors: Denise Chamian & Ania O'Hare
Casting Assistants: Liz Ludwitzke
Start Date: February 28, 2011
Location: Longon / Hungary


[HIRO] - CAST (Keanu Reeves)


[OISHI KURANOSUKE] In his 40s, he is Lord Asano's chief samurai and loyal, longtime friend. Oishi is an unsentimental but extremely honorable man who initially dismisses and resents the "half-breed", Hiro, but eventually comes to respect Hiro. After Lord Asano's cruel downfall, Oishi is thrown in a miserable dungeon but emerges a year later, intent on avenging his master's life by leading the 47 ronin -- including his teenage son, Chikara -- in a fight to the death against Kira...LEAD (3)

[LORD KIRA YOSHINAKA] Early 30s to late 40s, fierce, powerful, and handsome, he seeks to overthrow his rival, Lord Asano, and claim Asano's fertile lands for himself. He's always flanked by his otherworldly, invincible bodyguard. Kira dabbles in supernatural spells and looks to his witch, a shape-shifter, for help in destroying his enemies and learning of the future. After framing Asano for murder, Kira successfully tricks the Shogun into naming him the new leader of Ako province. He also demands Mika's hand in marriage. His feelings for her are genuine and obsessive, and he fervently wishes she would return his love of her own free will...LEAD (6)
[MIKA] Lord Asano's daughter, a hauntingly beautiful princess, she shares many of her father's attributes: kindness, intelligence, and diplomacy. She's in love with Hiro, and has been from a young age when they were both children, but she's forced to marry Lord Kira after her father's tragic downfall. Having been given a year to mourn her father's death first, Mika is quietly rebellious, despondent and heartbroken, trapped in a golden cage and dreading her upcoming nuptials. Though she considers ending her life, a gift from Hiro breaks her from her doldrums and the lovers are briefly united...LEAD (1)

[LORD ASANO] In his 50s, he is the wise, fair, and noble ruler of Ako province, a land rich in soil. He's beloved by his people and his devoted friend, Oishi, and he shows Hiro, the "half-breed," kindness that Hiro has never received elsewhere. His daughter Mika is the most important person in his life. While under the influence of a supernatural potion, he hallucinates and attacks Lord Kira. The Shogun gives him the opportunity to take his own life, and Asano goes bravely to his ritual suicide, in the hopes that his people's honor can be restored...LEAD (3)

[CHIKARA] 16-24, he is Oishi's brave, honorable and loyal son who admires Hiro and seeks his father's approval. Although Oishi is unimpressed with Chikara's unconventional fighting methods at first, father and son come to a mutual understanding and Chikara earns his father's respect while fighting as part of the 47 ronin...LEAD (10)

[YASUNO] Mid 20s to 30s, a brash young samurai, falsely hailed as a hero in the fight against the Kirin beast, he loathes Hiro, the "half-breed" who really defeated the Kirin. Yasuno has a fiery temper and protests Hiro's inclusion in the 47 ronin. He's deeply upset over his friend Basho's death...SUPPORTING (79)

[WITCH] Mid 20s to 60s, an old hag of a woman in her natural state. She is capable of shape shifting and she transforms into a beautiful young woman when she needs to seduce men, or a fox when she needs to be undercover. She works closely with Lord Kira to help him seize and maintain control of the Ako province...SUPPORTING (7)

[SHOGUN TOKUGAWA TSUNAYOSHI] Intimidating, grave, and powerful, he's the master of all Japan, the supreme, unquestioned leader whose word is law. Although he can be merciful, and doesn't punish people unnecessarily, he must maintain order among his clans...SUPPORTING (15)

[BASHO] A huge, baby-faced samurai, he is friends with Yasuno and quite superstitious, particularly afraid of the forest where Hiro was raised. While banished, Basho finds works as a sumo wrestler, and as part of the 47 ronin, he comes to gruffly accept Hiro...SUPPORTING (8)

[KAPITAN] Mid 30s to late 40s, a barbaric DUTCHMAN, bearded, physically imposing and used to hard labor himself. He purchased Hiro from Kira's soldiers. Hiro's fighting skills are of great monetary value to Kapitan, so when Oishi asks to buy Hiro back he refuses to give him up. The deceitful Kapitan leads Oishi to believe he will accept this proposal but instead drugs him and enslaves him to fight...SUBMIT DUTCH, BRITISH, SCANDANAVIAN...1 speech & 9 lines, 3 scenes (43)

STORY LINE: The most famous tale from Japanese lore sees the noble, kind, and beloved ruler of Ako province, LORD ASANO, forced to commit ritual suicide after his rival, LORD KIRA, frames him for attempted murder. Asano's loyal protectors are cast off as disgraced ronin (masterless samurai), but these 47 honorable men rise up a year later, led by steadfast OISHI and "half-breed" HIRO, to avenge their lord in spectacular fashion...