Wednesday, November 24, 2010

FreeStyle Black Friday Gift Guide.

Freestyle Black Friday Gift Guide
From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, we've got you covered!

Wow, how fast did this year fly by? Here we are just minutes from another Holiday Season. What a great time of year when snow starts falling, big winter swells start brewing, and you get hooked up with gifts! Wait a minute, it’s not the receiving of gifts that matters it’s the giving! Hook up a friend or loved one with the gift of time, they won’t be disappointed and you’ll feel like a hero. Here’s a handpicked selection of new watches that we think are perfect for this gift giving season. Or if you see something in here you’d like for yourself, don’t hesitate to send this Gift Guide to Santa or visit our dealer locator.

The Rig is new from Freestyle Watch
The Rig - Bringing the Muscle

Like final cog in the perfect machine, let The Rig be the exclamation point on your personality. It’s not so much about what it does, but much more about what it says. This watch say’s, “hi, My name is Chuck Norris.”

Melissa Marquardt Killer Wake
Killer Shark - The Shark Classic on Steriods

Nearly double the size of the original Shark Classic, the Killer Shark measures in at 48mm wide while maintaining all the quality, durability and style you’ve come to expect from Shark Watches.

The Tangent
The Tangent - For the Gadget Lover

Introducing the new Freestyle Tangent featuring innovative Digi-Touch™ technology. Whether it’s to start or stop the chronograph or view the time in 32-cities around the world, all you need to do is tap the screen. Touch screen technology is not just for cell phones anymore.

Sage Erickson preferes the freestyle shark bling in the nude color
Shark Bling - The best of both worlds

As they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, in that case, this crystal bezel Shark is her soul mate. Fashion added without toughness subtracted, the Shark Bling is the one.

The Shark Analog
Shark Analog - Simple Rad

In a digital centric world, sometimes it’s nice to simplify your systems. Introducing the Shark Classic with analog movement, same Shark standards you’ve come to expect, but dressed in a glossy case with a simple analog brain.

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