Friday, February 25, 2011

15 Years of JF Board.

15 years ago in 1996 I was invited to join the Z-Point Bodyboards team and make my first signature model, stocked for the opportunity i start my jorney as a board designer, few years later in 2000 i moved to Genesis Bodyboards where i spent 10 years of my life making my boards for my fans all over the world, last year i joined Custom X Bodyboards where i found myself as a rider and board designer, using the best materials in the business and shaped by one of the best shapers in the world Mr. Pma i found out how good and safe is to ride waves at Pipeline/Hawaii with a real board like Custom X JF, after few months testing the sample board in the world class waves like Pipeline, Backdoor, Off The Wall, Log Cabins, Rockpiles and Rocky Point i finally got to the right shape, the one i've been using its the same to go to the stores, when u buy my board u gonna make sure u gonna be able to ride big waves like Pipeline or medium to little ones at Rockies and u gonna have a solid and fast ride, perfect to get barrels and make air manouvers, also its a perfect board for competitors or free riders, all my 15 years of experience as a board designer are on my new Custom X JF and hope all of u enjoy as much as I am here in Hawaii, Big Aloha to All.

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