Monday, May 9, 2011

Peruvian Inka Challenge about to launch

2011 Peruvian Inka Challenge
Chilca Point -Lima, Peru

May 11th – 15th 2011

The next event on the IBA World Tour is the 6 Star Peruvian Inka challenge and starts on Wednesday.

This is the first of the IBA’s new 6 Star “Primary” events and carries the maximum 2000 points on the GQS ratings.
The Top 24 riders off the GSS (Grand Slam Series) will get top seeding for the event and the majority of them will be using the event to warm up for the next GSS event at Arica.
Defending Champion Pierre Louis Costes has elected not to go and will concentrate all of his energy on the Grand Slam at Chile.
“I stayed back in BOX for a few weeks to train and I will now just go to El Gringo early to focus on the next Grand Slam” said Pierre

Along with the 6 Star for Men the PIC will stage a Grand Slam drop knee event with the current World Champion Cesar Bauer keen to light up in front of a home crowd.

“ I hope for good waves and a good result” said the humble Peruvian.
Promoter Jose Ugarte is looking forward to hosting the worlds best riders and understands the important status that has been awarded to the contest as a 6 Star Primary.
“We are proud to have this rating and we will do everything in our power to make this the best event ever in Peru” he said.

Tomorrow (Tuesday 10th) will be a busy day for the athletes with a press conference scheduled for 1pm followed by a tour to Catacumbas de San Fransisco, then at 6pm another Tour to Paseo de las Aguas, and at 9pm a show festival with typical traditional dances (with a minimum cost of 7 dollars/VIP 12 dollars) called Brisas del Titicaca. All will go in a Bus of the event (only 45 persons allowed, please confirm by email).
Check In at 3pm at Independent Bodyboards Hosuse, Pulpos Beach, KM 37 of Panamericana Sur.
“The sand is very good at Chilca point & we will have some ok direction, with some more west what is the best for this break” added Jose’

All competitors are urged to attend the check-in and Press conference

Date: May 10th / Martes 10 de
Place: Auditoriio de PROMPERU (AV. Jorge Basadre NÂș 610 , San Isidro)
Time: 01:00 p.m.

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