Monday, June 6, 2011

"The Green Lantern"

"The Green Lantern"

Movie Trailer Review

By our guest blogger, Jason Serafino

With the successful relaunch of both Zorro and James Bond under his belt, Martin Campbell has made a career out of resuscitating fledgling movie franchises. Now he is taking a shot at the oversaturated superhero genre with “Green Lantern.” 

Inspired more by “Star Wars” than “Spider-Man,” “Green Lantern” is looking to appeal to a much wider audience than most comic-based movies. Sci-Fi fans will be drawn in by the unique alien races and luminous planets. Meanwhile, Warner Brothers is hoping that Ryan Reynolds’ abs can entice the female audience to give the movie a chance.  

However, like most trailers featuring a ton of CGI, the first footage of “Green Lantern” looks a little rough. Obviously rushed out of the door so it could be attached to “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” the CGI in the trailer ranges from seamless to SyFy channel movie quality.

The most glaring example of this unfinished CGI is the Green Lantern’s mask itself. The CGI on the mask looks photorealistic in some clips and Playstation 2 quality in others. Early trailers for “Iron Man” also featured unfinished CGI when it was first shown, but was nominated for an Academy Award once the finished product debuted. 

While the trailer doesn’t show much in terms of the plot, it does give an idea of what the tone will be like. “Green Lantern” looks closer to “Iron Man” in tone than it does to “The Dark Knight.” While the trailer does include some typical Ryan Reynolds humor, Martin Campbell should be able to keep the movie from turning out like “My Super Ex-Girlfriend.” 

“Green Lantern” can be much more than just a footnote in the superhero genre. Filling the void that “Star Wars’ left behind, “Green Lantern” has the potential to be a great space opera filled with tons of top flight action and memorable characters. 

Below is the trailer for "Green Lantern." What do you think?

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