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Whale Wars

Whale Wars
This Friday, June 3, the Sea Shepherd crew is back in the South Seas, out to stop the illegal Japanese whaling that occurs every year.  Reel Film News had the opportunity to watch the premiere episode of Whale Wars Season 4.
Usually I’d give a play by play in regards to what the episode was like but I’m going to do things a bit differently in this review.

We start the episode out with a press conference being held by Captain Watson.  The reporters ask him various questions, but one Asian reporter asks him point blank how can you really ever expect to end whaling.  His response resonated with me greatly.  He basically says that at one point in time people thought there was no way slavery could be stopped, and yet it did.  It’s probably the perfect way to begin this season and his response is a powerful one.
Both the Steve Irwin and the Bob Barker raise anchors and start to head out to sea.  Everyone is excited to see the new ship that is going to be joining them this year.  Its name is the Gojira.  It means Godzilla.  Captain Watson explains though it doesn’t resonate that much in the English speaking world, it certainly has an impact in Japan.

The Gojira is a fast vessel.  They’re counting on it being able to run laps around the Nisshin Maru and the harpoon boats.
Over at the Bob Barker they run into a problem when they discover that there’s a leak in their fuel tank and it’s spilling 5 gallons of fuel for every pitch of the boat.  They manage to fix it temporarily by using a piece of wood and wedging it in.  Once it absorbs the fuel it will expand, fully filling the gap.
Over at the Steve Irwin things are normal.  All ships are searching for the fleet.  Eventually the Bob Barker spots one of the harpoon ships and confirms it.  Captain Watson orders the helicopter up but they’re not going to because of the snow that’s falling.  The pilot tells him that he won’t go up until it lifts.  We can see Captain Watson is visually annoyed with that statement.
So all in all, this is the fastest they’ve ever found the Japanese whaling fleet.  They’re still looking for the processing ship, but they know it’s in the area.  As the episode ends, they’re still looking.
This was a good start to the season.  It’s definitely looking like they’ll have a successful season and after personally speaking with Captain Watson the other day, I know for a fact they did.  According to him they prevented nearly 80% of the Japanese quota from being caught.  So this should be a good season to watch as they are ultimately successful.
Reel Film News Television Review by Bill Ayres

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