Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Youth and experience leading IBA tours.

It’s an interesting battle for the World titles at the moment with three former World Champions and a kid from Port McQuarie leading the way into the second semester on the IBA calendar.
In the GSS rankings Guilherme Tamega (Brazil) has proved to be a serious contender after an amazing performance in heaving 10 foot barrels at El Grino, Chile.
Fighting off cramps & fatigue Tamega showed the world that he still has the skills & stamina that earned him multiple World titles by defeating Dave Winchester at The Arica Chilean Challenge.
“ I needed this to keep me going,” said Tamega after the final.
And no doubt he will take this momentum into the next GSS event at Sintra, an event that he has won before.

In the Women’s race another Brazilian former World Champion in the shape of Neymara Carvalho is leading the rankings.
Even after a self-imposed year in exile Neymara came out of the blocks intensely to take out the Grand Slam at Pipeline and prove to her rivals that she still has lots of competitive fire yet to burn.
“Before I went to Hawaii I told myself that I wanted to win the contest, it’s the best place to win for sure” said Neymara.
“Now lets see what happens next” she added.
Rounding out the trio of former World champions is Port Macquarie legend Damian King.
“Kingy” is a versatile competitor that has always blitzed on the knee and is currently leading the DKWT ratings for 2011. He is a member of the Top 24 but one of many riders double dipping with strong performances in DK events.
Winchester, Hardy, Dubb & Laverhne have also rattled a few cages in DK circles by surfing both divisions at most events, leaving the 100% crew slightly disillusioned.
“ I love Dk” said King.
“ But my real focus is on the GSS Tour” he added.
And finally the odd man out is the current GQS ratings leader Sam Bennett.
Sam is also a Port Macquarie local and is joining King, Chase O’Leary & Jones Russell on tour in 2011.
Bennett has ticked all of the boxes en route to the top with numerous State and National titles as well as podium finishes on the Rebel Sport Pro Tour.
The highlight of his career was no doubt his win in the 6 Star GQS event in Peru.
“ I was so stoked,” said Sam
“ It was hard to get back into rhythm in Chile after coming off such a high. I will know focus on getting a good final position on the Oz tour” he added.
So there you have it. It’s been a slow start to the year but the second semester for IBA competitors is looking action packed with more then 1 event per month to focus on.
Here is whats coming next:
Aug 22-28Sintra Portugal Pro
Sep 1-4Ferrol Pro
Sep 22-25Knights Beach Pro
Sep 30- Oct 9Reunion Pro
Sep 6 – 11Florianopolis Bodyboard Pro
Oct 10 – 30Nazare’ Special Edition
Nov 2-13Encanto World Series
Nov 22-27Azores Pro
Dec 2-11Fronton Showdown

Aug 22-28Sintra Portugal Pro
Aug 29-31Miss Sumol
Sep 6-11Florianopolis Bodyboard Pro
Sep 21 – 25Manapany Surf Festival
Oct 26-30Bodyboard Pro Festival
Nov 2-13Puerto Rico Pro
Nov 22-27Azores Pro
Aug 22-28Sintra Portugal Pro
Oct 26-30Bodyboard Pro Festival
Nov 6-13Puerto Rico Pro

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