Friday, July 8, 2011

The 26th Sandy Beach Pro - July 9th & 10th.


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Tour: The Ocean Current USBA Tour

Event: The SCIENCE Sandy Beach Pro/Am
Dates: July 9th & 10th
Partners: Science Bodyboards, Gyroll, Deluxe Fins, T&C Surf,Aqua Resorts and Vitamin Water

The 2011 Sandy Beach Pro/Am is just around the corner. With summer swells heating up the waters of Hawaii both locals and traveling competitors are excited for another great year at the Sandy Beach Pro.  This year competitors from across the nation will be attending the 26th year of the Sandy Beach Pro.

Sandy Beach located on the southeast shore of Oahu, is the home of the modern day Bodyboard. It is where the sport began to take shape in it's thumping shore break on into it's shallow reef at Half point. Athletes such as Mike Stewart 10x World Champion and Ben Severson former World Champion all honed their skills at Sandy's small patch of reef name Half Point. Some of current best athletes in our sport such as Jeff Hubbard 2x World Champion, still today use Sandy Beach as their daily training grounds.

A new generation in the form of Trevor Kam has taken over the reigns at Sandy's and showed his true form making it to the finals of the 2010 event.

The future looks bright for the Sandy Beach Pro/Am and Sandy's even flowing river of talent. However hope spoilers such as 2010 event winner Guilherme Tamega will be in attendance to give the locals a run for their money.

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