Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Final Day of The 26th Sandy Beach Pro.

USBA 2011

Tour: The Ocean Current USBA Tour
Event: The SCIENCE Sandy Beach Pro/Am
Presented by: Dave and Busters
Dates: July 9th & 10th
Partners: Science Bodyboards, Gyroll, Deluxe Fins, T&C Surf Shop, Aqua Resorts and Vitamin Water
The final day of the SCIENCE Sandy Beach Pro 2011 was nothing short of a bruta battle. A long day of tuff heats ended the 2011 event. With the highest turn out in the events history this event will be one to remember.

Pro Champion Jeff Hubbard
The day started off with the qrt finals of Amateur, both 13-17 and Open Amateur. Rylle Colle of California, a transplant to the Sandy Beach area. Rylle took down the 13-17 divisions for his first event win on the USBA tour. From there it was one to the Open Amateur where Matt Holzman narrowly took out Kainoa French for the Open Am title. The 12 and under division was extremely entertaining, Kauai talent Tanner McDaniel’s was leading the event with amazing ARS and invert until a interference call stopped his run, local Shandon Wolf capitalized and nailed a big roll in the final seconds of the finals.

USBA Team: David Kelly, Keith Sazaki, Ben Severson, Josifran Araujo, Jean Ferreira. 
On to the Women’s Pro it was Karla Costa Taylor (Brazil//Oahu) domination followed by runner up and first time pro entrant Summer Hilen (Waianae, Oahu). Bowing out early was finalist Natasha Overin.
The Drop Knee Pro was amazing, Sammy Morretino and Dave Hubbard put on a display while Alan Lamphere dark horsed his way to second place with a last ditch effort and large floater over of Sashimi Rock.
 The end of the day was rounded out with the men’s pro wear Jeff Hubbard dominated the pack with a roll, ars, 360 to roll combos that no one was able to match. There was much drama in the semi finals with a paddle battles and interference calls however Jeff left it all in the water in the final and came up on top. Prior to this event Jeff had lost though to have lost his chance for the 2011 title. However with Jacob Romero and David Hubbard not making the finals it leaves Jeff with a chance to win the tour still yet heading into the Jenks Pro.
The USBA would like to thank all our supporters of the 2011 Science Sandy Beach Pro.  See you soon at the NJ Pro at Seaside as we take a year off from the Jenkinson’s venue to complete the tour.
Open Amateur
1. Matt Holtzman
2.Kainoa French
3. Rylley Colle
4. Michael Silva
13-17 Amateur
1. Rylley Colle
2. Sammy Morretino
3. Lawrence Defontorum
4. Michael Silva
Pro Mens
1. Jeff Hubbard
2. Spence Skipper
3. Josh Garner
4. Guilherme Tamega
Drop Knee
1. Dave Hubbard
2. Alan Lamphere
3. Sammy Morretino
4. Cole Hansen
Womens Pro
1. Karla Taylor
2. Summer Hilen
3. Carol Casemiro
4. Laiana Carlson
Stand Up
1. Chris Won
2. Kawika Kanaha
3. Cole Hansen
4. Rob Kyser

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