Wednesday, August 3, 2011

6th Annual Duke's OceanFest World Tandem Tour Contest.

WTT Star Value: Minimum 4*, potential 5-6* (finalizing sponsors)
Entry Fee: $300/team
ITSA Membership Fee: $60/person for teams who are competing on the WTT and have not paid their respective regions in full yet
Number of Teams: Open to 12-16 teams
Prize Purse: 4* ($2000)
1st - $700
2nd - $600
3rd - $300
4th - $200
5th - $100
6th - $100
Weigh-in Party: August 23rd (location/time TBD)
Awards Party: August 24th (location/time TBD)

Confirmed Teams (as of 8/2/11, seeding not finalized):
1 - Pauly Chambers & Krystl Apeles (HAW)
2 - Duane DeSoto & Kathy Terada (HAW)
3 - Kalani Vierra & Eliza Vierra (HAW)
4 - Leleo Kinimaka & Megan Talabis (HAW)
5 - Fred Branger & Lily Branger (FRA)
6 - Dr. Lance Maki & Jaci Remrey (USA)

About the Contest:
Duke’s OceanFest is the“Must See, Must Do” summertime event in
Waikiki, enjoying record numbers of competitors and attendees for this ocean sports celebration the week of Duke’s birthday anniversary in August. As Waikiki's premier ocean sports festival, Duke's OceanFest is a grand, diverse celebration that draws both competitors and fans from around the world.

Proceeds from this event go towards financial donation to the non-profit Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation. A primary objective of ODKF is to perpetuate the legacy of Duke Kahanamoku with the goal of inspiring today’s generations to follow his lead of excelling as a waterman and always living one’s life with aloha.

The International Tandem Surfing Association is once again proud to be a part of Duke's OceanFest for the sixth consecutive year. This is one of the most anticipated events on the ITSA World Tandem Tour circuit, and was at one time home to the ISA sanctioned Tandem Surfing World Championship from 2006-2009.

Past Winners:
2006 - Brian Keaulana & Kathy Terada HAW (ISA World Champions)
2007 - Kalani Vierra & Blanche Yoshida HAW (ISA World Champions)
2008 - Chuck Inman & Tiffany Rabacal HAW (ISA World Champions)
2009 - Kalani Vierra & Eliza Vierra HAW (ISA World Champions)
2010 - Chuck Inman & Tiffany Rabacal HAW
2011 - ???

More information to follow!

Please direct questions to Aimee Murcia & Tiffany Rabacal: &