Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tahittian Bodyboarders Goes Off!!!

First episode of a new series of Tahitian podcasts
Tahitian bodyboarders are stepping up to international bodyboarding standards. It's funny these guys have gone so many years with hardly any recognition whatsoever. Look out for these guys as it's a definite possibility to see one or more of them on the tour not long from now. 

Filmed, directed and edited by Eric Schnitzler
Effects and Assistant Camera by Maiti Charles

Underwater equipment used: HCW CameraWaterHousings by Chad Stickney, Laguna Niguel, CA

Additional footage provided by: 
Maureen Maiau
Marc-Antoine Bouvant
Timmy Hamilton
Brazilian Videographer who gave clip to Tahurai
(Please leave your name so I can give you credit)

Music Artists and Songs:
Intro: ELLIE GOULDING, Lights, Bassnetcar remix
Main Body: BASSNETCAR, Timestretch
Local Music in background: Angelo Neuffer / Bobby Holcomb, My Island Home

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