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Zicatela Pro 2011 – Round 4 Complete.

Finally the IBA starts to show footage from GT...

PUERTO ESCONDIDO, Oaxaca / Mexico (Wednesday, Aug 12, 2011) - The completion of Round 4 in today’s building6-8 foot barrels, proved ideal for spectacular performance bodyboarding, as the final 8 competitors were decided.

Standouts included Ryan Hardy (Margaret River/AUS), Ben Player (Avalon/AUS) and 2010 Rookie of the Year,  Jared Houston (Cape Town/ZAF). Hardy managed to find his momentum in Round 3, walking away with a win, to securing the final slot into Round 4. Matching up against Magno Oliviera (Guarapari/BRA), Hardy remained consistent, fending off the Brazilian, as he did at stop two of the IBA GSS Tour in the Box Pro final in April 2011.
Heat 2 of the day saw Guilherme Tamega (Copacabana/BRA), defeat Joe Clarke (Duranbah/AUS). Tamega, a multiple World Champion knows all to well what is required to win. At ease in big surf and fresh off a win at the previous GSS event  in Chile, the seasoned Brazilian is bound to go down without a fight. “I like big conditions, but at the same time it’s really tough. It’s just so rewarding when you get a big barrel, there is no replacement for that,” Tamega added.
2011 IBA Wildcard, Mitch Rawlins (AUS) was very happy with his Round 4 win and commented: “This is going be my best result this year. With the swell on the way, it will suit my riding. I get most excited when its bigger. I look forward to tomorrow.”
Two time World Champion, Ben Player (Avalon/AUS) was narrowly able to trump the young trialist, Tom Rigby (Gold Coast/AUS), who is destined to turn heads in future. Player is predicting tomorrow to be a day not soon forgotten.”Tomorrow is set to be one of those days that goes down in body boardings history books with a massive perfect swell hitting on the final day of the IBA Zicatela Pro.”
Jared Houston (Cape Town/ZAF) managed to find good rhythm early in his heat against 2010 World Champion Amaury Lavernhe (REU). Facing defeat during their previous duel, Houston fought hard to top Lavernhe. Houston elated: “Todays heat was incredibly nerve-racking, the last time I surfed man on man with Amaury he beat me so it was good to go get even!”
Victorious over Dave Winchester (Mullumbimby/AUS), Pierre-Louis Costes (Capbreton/FRA) posted the highest single wave score of the day, being rewarded a near perfect 9 points out of 10, for a tricky tube ride topped off with a clean invert aerial.
Heat 7 of Round 4 saw Dave Hubbard (HAW) snatch victory from Australian young gun, Jake Stone (AUS) in the last 40 seconds of the match-up. Stone was unfortunate to break his board early in the heat, requiring him to return to the beach for a new board, costing precious time and energy. “After I got my first one, I was paddling back out and copped an 8 footer on the head, when I came up, my board was snapped.” Stone added, ” Its really heavy out there.”
Dave Hubbard shared his appreciation for not only his own victory today, but also his brothers victory in the following heat. “There is one Hubbard in the Semi for sure, but only one.” Hubbard added: “We are both going to go out and have fun. We always have good battles.”
Jeff Hubbard (HAW) narrowly topped Michael Novy (North Avoca/AUS) with 13.75 vs 13.3 points, to match up with his brother Dave in tomorrows Round 5. Jeff commented: “He beat me last time we went head to head, so I hope I can get him back.”
Don’t miss the final day of action. Check in time is 7 am with a 7:30 am start, Zicatela time. Stay tuned to the IBA website or for all the live action.
Today’s Results:
Heat 1: Ryan Hardy (Margaret River/AUS) def. Magno Oliviera  (Guarapari/BRA), 10.25 vs 7.55
Heat 2 : Guilherme Tamega (Copacabana/BRA) def. Joe Clarke (Duranbah/AUS), 14.9 vs 11.25
Heat 3 : Mitch Rawlins (AUS) def. Uri Valadao (Salvador/BRA), 10.85 vs 9.45
Heat 4 : Ben Player (Avalon/AUS) def. Tom Rigby (Gold Coast/AUS), 14.6 vs 13.05
Heat 5 : Pierre-Louis Costes (Capbreton/FRA) def. Dave Winchester (Mullumbimby/AUS), 14.25 vs 11.35
Heat 6 : Jared Houston (Cape Town/ZAF) def. Amaury Lavernhe (REU), 14.9 vs 12.65
Heat 7 : Dave Hubbard (HAW) def. Jake Stone (AUS), 12.1 vs 11.8
Heat 8 : Jeff Hubbard (HAW) def. Michael Novy (North Avoca/AUS) 13.75 vs 13.3
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