Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Thoughts About 09/11/2001.

Got to New York 6 months after 09/11/2001, i took the subway to the ground zero and  i was the only one to get off the train at Park Place, everybody was looking at me guessing what i was doing but in my mind i was just looking to see whats happened to The World Trade Center Towers, it was chocking for me to see all got destroyed, a place where everybody are just having good times, shopping or cruising around looking the beautifull Lower Manhattan was all gone, incredible! I Love NY and I got a lit emotioned writting this thoughts today on 09/11/2011. I was just a kid when i got to Manhattan for the first time, grewn up as a person and learned a lot living for many years in New York/NY, sorry Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens but Im from The City and I Really Appreciated, like they say "If You Can Make it There You Can Make it Anywhere". Thanks New York for All that I learned in Life. My Condolences to The Families and Prayers Today to The Victims, RIP All.