Sunday, October 30, 2011

Curated Documentaries and Films.

Welcome's sister-company has this week launched one of the largest OPEN SEARCH platforms for curated documentaries and films from around the globe available freely on the Internet for educational purposes.

The content is curated from anthropological, geographical and social issue based perspectives.

We have created a single destination to enable all film makers, educators and students to have access to this content for research, awareness, and academic purpose or purely for being interested in conscious content that people around the world have realized to make an impact. This a platform where you will discover content that is extremely popular or on the other extreme has never been found anywhere, at not available on DVD's and rarely seen. The content identified here is very valuable when it comes to learning about a region, culture, event, issue or other aspects such as science, consciousness or environment.

Why Documentary Guide?

Documentary is the most influential form of content and can have sustaining visual and emotional impact on each of us. It can drive within us a need to make a difference, to become aware and to call for common understanding of social, political, environmental and every other type of global issues that we as humanity face today. Our urge to create came from these fundamental beliefs.

Documentary Guide is conceived to bring to its audience the widest collection of documentary films from around the World Wide Web. It is one of the few CURATED search engines on the Internet. We have researched and indexed thousands of films, hundreds of sites and numerous databases from around the globe. We have organized them, tagged them and curated them for education and awareness. This platform is made for film makers, researchers, filmgoers, students, educators and all individuals who strive to learn more, know more and do more.

With tens of thousands of films, festivals and schools indexed for your research and education purpose, this is the largest database on the Internet by far.

We are non-commercial in nature and we are here to enable education for our audiences about changes we face as humanity. We believe we are using the visual medium as the core method since it appeals to every gender, race, and individual, irrespective of age or education.

Hope you find this site useful for your students. Share it freely with your network of influencers so more individuals can benefit from it:

The Documentary Guide Team

Peace. Harmony. Oneness.

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