Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 8 of Encanto Pro Puerto Rico.

Spectators on the beach whistled and clapped while those who had missed it in the competitors area, shimmied over to the Flat-screen TV for a replay of reigning world champion, Brazilian Isabela Sousa’s, ten point ride at the Encanto Pro Puerto Rico, in perfect four to six foot conditions today. She took off deep on a set wave; bottom turned into a long barrel, came out and landed a tidy air reverse worthy of her title.

Guys still in contention for the world title started to think of possible scenarios as Frenchman, Pierre-Louis Costes, beat tour leader, Jeff Hubbard from Hawaii, in the fourth round. His fourth round loss allows those chasing him to catch up, forcing the world title to be decided in three weeks, across the Atlantic in the Canary Islands.

Six quarterfinalist-Amaury Lavernhe from Reunion Island, Jake Stone from Australia, Jared Houston from South Africa, Pierre-Louis Costes from France and Brazlians Magno Oliveira and Uri Valadao- all have a chance to win the world tour if they win this event. Dave Hubbard from Hawaii and Roberto Bruno from Brazil make up the other two quarterfinalists.
Hopes of a Puerto Rican in the women’s final were ended when Natasha Sagardia narrowly lost her semi-final in the last heat of the day to Australian Women’s Tour champion, Lily Pollard. Pollard kept priority and waited patiently for a good wave to improve her situation as time slipped away, 30 seconds from the end of the heat a wave came to her. She scooped into a sucky right and rolled out of the bowl and into the flats and took the win from Sagardia.
Newly crowned Dropknee World Tour Champion, Australian Damian King, will face up against two times world champion Dave Hubbard from Hawaii in tomorrow’s dropknee final.