Tuesday, November 8, 2011

King’s Dropknee World Tour Winning Snap.

Quarterfinal number one on the Dropknee World Tour at the Encanto Pro Puerto Rico will always be known as the heat, Damian King, from Port Macquirie in New South Wales Australia won and became the first DKWT champion to have two Men’s World Tour titles too.
His opponent from the Canary Islands, Ardiel Jimenez, was beating Damian King for most of the heat. About three minutes from the end, a set pulsed in, King had priority and let Jimenez take the first wave of the set. He took the second wave and fell off in front of Jimenez, thinking the fall had cost him his dream, King quickly paddled out the back and retained priority.

In the waning seconds of the heat, a wedging left popped up in front of the quarterfinalist. King used his priority and put everything on the line with a powerful backside snap in the pocket, sending bucket loads of spray into the air, bottom turned again and did a smaller snap. Meanwhile in the competitors area, his Australian friends with shaken cans of beers in their hands, waited for the last wave of the heat’s score to drop.
The winning score reached his ears as the Australians raced to the water’s edge to shower their friend in beer.
Many cameras were focused on the faces of his opponents, Peruvian Cesar Bauer and Hawaiian Dave Hubbard, in the competitor’s area as he took off on his winning wave. Unfortunately, Damian King’s press release went out last night without his winning wave. Here is his world title winning snap.