Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pierre-Louis Costes is The New World Champion.

He led the world tour most of the year, but in the end, all Hawaiian Jeff Hubbard, could do was wait and hope that his nearest rival, the new kid on the block from France, Pierre-Louis Costes, would not make it into the semi-finals of the 2011 NMD-Pride-Stealth Fronton Pro today. The French 21-year–old took off deep on a ten foot set wave in his quarterfinal heat, disappeared behind the thick lip came and out seconds later on the foam-ball with a clenched fist. Pierre-Louis Costes will remember the wave as the one that won him his first world title. “That was the wave of my life. I will always remember that wave; I will always remember Fronton. I love this place”, said Costes.

The schoolteacher from Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia with a passion for big waves, recently signed a board sponsorship deal with NMD- one of the event sponsors- and was selected to be the international wildcard for the event. Jason Finlay, the man who stopped Jeff Hubbard in round four yesterday, put on a display of seamanship for the spectators as he pulled into barrels the size of two story buildings, aimed for the lips and went for airs on his way to victory in the heaviest waves ridden all year on the Men’s World Tour. “I’m the happiest man in the world. The main goal was never to win the comp, I just wanted to do some big airs and try and mix it up with these guys. The whole comp I tried my hardest, so it paid off”, said Finlay.

Mitch Rawlins surfed the trials to get into the main event and made it all the way to the finals. Rawlins caught one of the longest barrels of the day and also pulled into by far the biggest wave of the day. Unfortunately, he was unable to find the waves he caught in previous heats and finished 1.1 points behind Finlay.

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