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2012 IBA Pipe Pro.

Basque local Alex Uranga will be one of many new faces on the 2012 GSS

The 2012 IBA World Tours are about to launch in February with one of the favorite stops on tour at the infamous Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii. This event usually attracts the cream of world bodyboarding as the riders test their skills against one of the most perfect yet challenging reefs in the world.
The dates are as follows
  •  Check in: Ehukai Beach Park, Feb 10th, 12pm – 4pm
  •  Trials: Sandy Beach, Feb 11th & 12th, 8am – 4pm
  •  Main event: Pipeline, Feb 15th till 24th
This first event is always very popular due to the nature of the format and seeding that sees a variety of the planets best placed in the main event.
First off you have the new Top 24. These guys are the 24 highest rated riders at the end of the 2011 Grand Slam Series and are seeded into the ultimate round (R6) at Pipe.
This year the IBA Top 24 has several new faces including the Australian duo of Sam BennettChase O’Leary as well as Alex Uranga (Basque) and this will be their time to shine as they kick off their 2012 campaigns.
Joining the Top 24 in the top 32 are the 4 wildcards and 4 “Permanent Alternates” for 2012
  • No 17 from 2011 GSS             Mike Stewart (Hawaii)
  • No 18 from 2011 GSS             Diego Cabrera (Canary)
  • No   9 from 2011 GQS            Adam Morley (Sth Africa)
  • No 10 from 2011 GQS            Jones Russell (Aust)
The 4 main event wildcards for the 2012 Pipe Pro are
  • Spencer Skipper (Hawaii)
  • Paulo Barcellos (Brazil)
  • Kainoa McGee (Hawaii)
  • Brian Wise (Hawaii)
Seeded behind these guys are the 16 next highest rated riders from the 2011 GQSratings followed by the 48 “Regional seeds” from the worlds National Tours.

These National tours are the official chapters of the IBA: 
  • IBA Japan                   JPBA
  • IBA Australasia          Rebel Sport Pro Tour
  • IBA America               USBA
  • IBA Africa                  SABA
  • IBA Latin America     IBALA
  • IBA Brazil                   Brazilian Pro Tour
  • IBA Europe                 ETB
World Tour manager Terry McKenna explains the theory behind this arrangement.
“IBA allocate seeded positions into the main event at Pipe for a variety of reasons. Firstly, we want to be able to offer the regions the opportunity to showcase their best riders from the domestic tours at Pipe” he said.
“This is a great incentive to follow your National tour, knowing that you will surf Pipe with only three other guys. Secondly, if these newcomers get a good result they might continue to follow the tour. It’s a great way for us to bleed new talent into the Word Tour whilst strengthening the National tours,” Terry added.
And finally the bottom 16 spots come from the trials.
The entry fee for the Mens Grand Slam is US$250
Here is a graph showing the seeding sequence for the 2012 Pipe Pro.
Top 16 x IBA Internationals from 2011 GSS Tour (seeds 1-16)
12 x IBA Rated riders from previous year (seeds 17-28) + 4 x Wild Cards (seeds 29-32)
Then 16 spots after that will be from 2011 GQS Ratings (seeds 33-48)
48 x IBA Regional Tour Spots (seeds 49-96)
Then 16 positions will come from the trials (seeds 97-112)
 The trials for the event will be set for Sandy Beach on Feb 11 & 12
The Women’s World Tour will also commence again at Pipe and this year IBA have extended the field to 32
This Grand Slam event will comprise the Top 24 riders from the 2011 WWT rankings along with 2 Wildcards and 6 trialists.
The Wildcards for 2012 Pipe Pro are
  • Aoi Koike (Japan)
  • Claudia Ferrari (Hawaii)

It was an incredible finish to the 2011 WWT with Eunate Aguirre (Basque) just pipingIsabella Sousa (Brazil) in the final event at Azores. With so many spots up for grabs a record field is expected to sign up.
The entry fee for the Womens Grand Slam is US$200
Finally the 2012 DKWT will commence at Pipe with newly crowned World Champion Damian King (Aust) heading up a stellar cast.
The DK Grand Slam event will comprise the Top 16 riders from the 2011 rankings taking on 8 wildcards and 8 trialists
The entry fee for the DK Grand Slam is US$180
There are two ways to enter the 2011 IBA Pipe Pro:

1.     By the online registration system on the new IBA website This costs US$250
2.     At the event check in on Feb 10th at Ehukai Beach Park between 12 noon & 4pm This costs US$270 (includes late fee of $20) 
All enquiries can be directed to event technical director
Remember to follow all the action online at

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