Monday, January 23, 2012

Expedition White Shark App.

Expedition White Shark is the world's very first app that tracks sharks that have custom satellite tags attached to their dorsal fins. As a shark reaches the surface it is geo-located by satellites. The app also shows attacks that have been attributed to the Great White shark.
The chances of being attacked by a shark are super slim. Still, an app that gives a heads up of recent shark activity at the beaches is helpful, even if it does feed shark-attack paranoia. The app includes photos and videos of sharks and a game. The photos and videos are awesome. The app allows you to receive live tracking data for the tagged Great White sharks, at the same time as the research scientists. You can explore the histories of individual Great White Sharks, and find detailed historic tracking data and bios for each shark tagged, including two individuals from the Farallon Islands off central California, USA