Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Custom X '6Months' Official Trailer.

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and get along to a Premiere at one of the following locations:

- Ulladulla
- Sydney
- Margaret River
- Gold Coast
- Port Macquarie

'6MONTHS' is a look at what can be achieved in a relatively short period of time; it's a demonstration of what a lot of hard work can result in; it's a celebration of travel, adventure, mateship and the incredible waves that were on offer during the Winter of 2011.

From early April through until the end of September, Ewan Donnachie chased waves high and low at a frenetic pace, along with good mates Jase Finlay, Damien Martin, Chris James, Nick Gornall and assorted other riders.

It was a testing time; last-minute calls, delays, cancelled flights, lost baggage, injuries, unreliable swell patterns and adverse weather conditions were inevitable components of nearly every mission.
But the boys put their heads down, committed and reaped the reward of unspoiled perfection.

The film provides a rare insight into the lives and mindsets of these free-surfers and the equally dedicated photographers and filmers who document their exploits.
It's not all fame and fortune; it's very rarely glamorous. But as each and every one will attest, it's most certainly worth the effort.

A film by Ewan Donnachie and Lucas Vazquez, '6MONTHS' aims to inspire.
Save your coin, get some mates together, do a little research and hit the road to discover what's out there waiting for you.

Filmed by Andrew Kaineder

Edited by Lucas Vazquez

Sound Design by Anthony Tiernan

Colour Grade by Jessica Morgan

3D Compositing & Motion Graphics by Toby Royce

Title Animation by Sam Finlay

Design by Tyson Peisley


'Chinese Hip-Hop Beat 2'

'Omaha (Instrumental)'
Diger Rokwell

'6MONTHS' is proudly supported by -

Custom X 
Limited Edition 
Bodyboarders Surf Co. 

Enjoy! x