Sunday, June 17, 2012

International Surfing Day Beach Clean Up is coming up Sunday and beyond.

To celebrate International Surfing Day Surfrider Oahu, Sustainable Coastlines, Kokua Hawaii Foundation,Method Cleaning Products, Barefoot Wines and Plastic Free Hawaii will be teaming up to host two clean ups along with a group surf on the actual International Surfing Day. 

The Town clean up will be at Diamond Head on Sunday June 17th. We will be meeting at the main (newly renovated) trail at 9:30AM. After the clean up we will be treated to live music and food at Tikis Bar and Grill just down the street in Waikiki.

In the middle of the week (Wednesday June 20) is actual International Surfing Day. We will be figuring out the best spot to go, depending on the amount of people and waves, for a group surf and then hopefully continue the celebration at a venue close to where we surf. 
Then Country clean up will be in Kahuku at the James Campbell Wildlife Refuge. We are going to be trying to collect as much hard plastic as we can to give to Method Cleaning Products who in turn will be converting this plastic into the bottles that usually hold their laundry detergent. We will be meeting right across the street from the Windmills at the James Campbell Wildlife Refuge at 9:30. An after party will be held somewhere near, currently negotiating location.

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