Friday, September 1, 2017

The Riviera Cafe - Last Night - 08/31/17

Jean JF, Mauricio Guerreiro and Steve Sertell - Last Administrators of The Riv

Michael Musto, Jean JF and Lynn Yager - Last Night of The Riv

Ian, Jean JF, Jimmy, Andres and Jay - Last Night of The Riv

Cindi, Jean JF and Rainie - Last Night of The Riv

Itzel, Elitsa, Elva, Jean JF and Mariano - Last Night of The Riv

Leslie and Jean JF - Last Night of The Riv

The Iconic Riviera Cafe closed down last night 08/31/17 after 48yrs, it was a very emotional night for the owners, staff and patrons, lot of people show up to enjoy the last night of The Riv, it was an amazing ride for the last 4yrs that I spent there, everything was so perfect thanks GOD, a very special thanks to Susan and Laurie Buchbinder, Steve Sertell, Mauricio Guerreiro, Riv Staff and Patrons.